Friday, March 11, 2011

What's In My Bag(s)

Two bags worth of random junk!

So it's friday night and i figured hey, what better thing to do then take pictures of all the junk in my bag(s)! i was actually home sick today and have a super full day at work tomorrow so i am trying to take it easy. that's how i'm justifying this.

So most days i have two bags (at least). and one not shown here which i use as a camera bag/purse, but i move all the junk out of my real purse into my purse/camera bag when i take it to work. because i need my camera at work (my beautiful Canon Rebel T1i not shown :). and i put that whole bag (along with my lunchbag) into that brown owl bag along with more junk to take to work! follow me? yea basically just tons of crap to carry around! or i will even put my camerabag/purse into my backpack with my laptop and take even more junk! is anyone else's 'what's in my bag' post this in depth?

if i'm just going out on my own for fun i take this red plaid purse if i don't think i'll need/want my big ol' camera.

above is my regular purse. we have a coupon, a bandaid with the baby dinosaur from that show Dinosaurs. (remember 'not the mama!' ?? don't ask me why i still have this thing?), plasitc bacon, crumpled receipt, concert ticket, swiss army knife (what gal doesn't have one of these? ha), lighter even though i don't smoke, burt's bees lip balm, a rock that i got from the a crazy fossil place -i think it looks like a t-rex head, business card holder + my pinup girl business cards, notepad, pencil, pen, and my iphone + cozy (from Chrissy!)

i forgot my wallet was up on the organ/piano when i took the pics, so i'm adding these in. always have to have my wallet, sunglasses and keys!

now in the owl bag we currently have:

pencil crayons, a sketchbook/notepad, my daily planner for appointments with a receipt book, honey roasted peanuts, fake elastic pearl bracelets, extra leads and erasers, bacon flavored toothpicks, i heart NY mints, a tattoo supply flyer, and oddly enough THREE spoons! that's kind of embarrassing?

well there you have it. if you know that people call me 'safety' then it makes sense that i have a swiss army knife and a lighter in there. just cause you never know! apparently i think i could get stranded somewhere at any given time and feel secure knowing that i could survive with these haha. actually not only do people call me safety but people at work have been known to call me 'safety bacon' because of my love of bacon. which i suppose explains the toothpicks and the little plastic bacon! i probably shouldn't even mention that i have a bacon tattoo!

and of course any time you put anything on the floor the cat thinks it's for her!


Chrissy said...

Love this post and what's in your bag!! Happy Monday!

beckz said...

thanks.. it's kind of messy and random haha.. but that's me i suppose. happy monday to you too lady!