Thursday, March 10, 2011

Morning Noon & Night

so the name change for my blog came about well, because i didn't like the other one. i found it almost confusing. and it kind of sounded like a sunny day real estate song title. anyway! i saw something the other day about a book called Morning Noon & Night on amazon and the wording hit home with me, as it's a phrase i say daily. when i'm telling my tattoo clients about aftercare i tell them to wash their tattoos 3 times a day - morning, noon & night. it's become part of this spiel that i just automatically go into. so as soon as i saw that i thought it'd be the perfect name for here. i also love mornings (when i'm on my own time, and not forced to get up for some reason), noon's ok i guess and i love the nighttime!

above is a tattoo i did on my friend dan. he gets pretty random stuff so it's always nice and refreshing. whenever i'm getting a super random tattoo ready (big wheel, banana, etc) it usually belongs to either him or this client posted below with the "see you in the funny papers" quote!

this is part of the full sleeve we've been working on

and this is another client with a varied collection of tattoos, including but not limited to this barrel of monkeys monkey!

why not hop over to Kam's blog campfire chic and check out the blog party going on there for her birthday! and it's an excuse to eat cupcakes or something. i would love a cupcake except i feel like poop today! (i don't curse) funny enough a girl was getting tattooed today and after talking about cursing and not cursing she started yelling 'Parsley!' instead of the F word for my sake haha -i really don't mind if people curse at all, i mean i'm marrying a sailor people, i think i'm used to it;) i just sound ridiculous when/if i do and people just laugh cause they're not used to hearing it from me. either that or you've just made me reaaalllly angry!


Chrissy said...

Congrats on the new name!! I really like it!

Gwiddle said...

I love your work! Maybe next time I am up in Canada I will have to swing by your shop! The first and second one are right up my alley! I will try to remember not to curse around your blog;) I really don't curse that much either. I hope you have a fabulous Friday dear!

beckz said...

thanks so much ladies!