Monday, March 14, 2011

startched fabic for the walls!

so i realized i didn't take a 'before' picture. but picture a plain room with a bunch of mismatched paintings. it's our spare bedroom, so we never really did a whole lot with it. bed, lamp, bookcase, and a place to put some extra paintings...

then last night i followed this tutorial and made a headboard for the spare room! i got some cool fabric (a pillowcase and matching sheet) at a second hand store yesterday. after washing them, i cut the pillow case down the sides and opened it up, and using the starch mix in the tutorial i applied it to the wall. it was too much material to stay up on it's own at first so i ended up having to cut it in half then match them up on the wall again. then i just cut out a giant circle from the matching sheet, stretched it in a big embroidering hoop and hung that on the opposite wall with a cool old mirror my mom found for me, and a painting of mine in a complimentary color. i think it makes it a little cozier in there :)(i also starched the koi fish paper onto the wall up there, which i wasn't sure would work or not. it did, and it's still there this morning!)

(note the picture of the wolf playing the trumpet -my gift from my fiance he got from a local Bermudian artist when he was there with work hehe)

the opposite wall

and the cat not enjoying the flash in her eyes! i am beginning to see a theme here with my picture posts hrmm

i had a little bit of the starch mix leftover (i only made half the amount in the tutorial).. and i was looking around for more stuff to starch.. it's pretty fun, you should try it! now i must get back to my revenge of the nerds marathon. ah mondays!

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