Sunday, March 27, 2011


i haven't disappeared .... just got back from a much needed weekend away on PEI visiting friends :) i've had friends that have lived on the island now for years. and it's always a nice little getaway.
weekend included trying on wedding dresses, having our tarot cards read, late night nightmare inducing curry dinner, diner breakfast and hitting up a couple cool antique shops! i'm exhausted from the trip :) and somehow the only 3 hour drive managed to take about 4 hours each time? go figure. if you don't know what/where PEI is (Prince Edward Island).. it may seem familiar to you from Regis & Kelly.. they did a week of shows there last summer! it's known for it's red sand, super warm beaches and of course potatoes. what is really funny is that one time when i was there i actually won a 50lb bag of potatoes at the race track/casino hahaha. it was pretty awesome.

anyway.. it's nice to be back home and the cat is happy i'm back a day early! i just took a couple pictures on my iphone but i will post them tomorrow. hope everyone else had a friend filled refreshing/relaxing weekend as well. i know mine was overdue!

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