Monday, March 7, 2011

randomness midnight post

check out these delicious croissants from Two If By Sea mmmm. this was their croissant of the week (last week). Raspberry compote and cream cheese filling! and if you can't tell by the picture with my sunglasses for reference, these suckers are huge! we ate them all day long.
this is Lincoln. he was here for a puppy sleepover last weekend!

my sister and i tried a different/newish sushi place downtown and it was AWESOME. this is the volcano roll we got and i think there was even stuff in it that i didn't care for but the whole thing altogether was delicious and all deep friend.

and lastly we have a picture from about two weeks ago with me and my best friend who was in town for that weekend. it is a picture of a picture on our friends camera of us karaokeing!

it's funny because there was a crew of us who used to all go to this same place every sunday night back in university days. so we thought it would be funny to go while she was around. we sat down and when asked what we'd like to drink i asked 'Do you guys still have Molson Ex on tap?' and the guy laughed and said 'Not for about 8 years now' to which i replied, 'ya that sounds about right!' hahahha WE'RE OLD!
anyway we had fun, and we butchered Cecilia and Maggie May. guess we had something for girl name titled songs? huh!

Oh!! and i am going to change the name of this blog. the url was the theme for my Sketchbook Project (which will be at the Austin Museum of Modern Art this Saturday during the SXSW festival... if anybody's in texas!). And that's fine, but i was never fond of the title i gave it. it's like you have to stop and think about it as you say it. I got a good one though and i wanted something that i could carry over if i ever make an etsy shop. so they could be the same thing. and it scares me to make an etsy shop because the first thing i heard is that you can't change the name of your shop! and so it better be good! i'm obviously bad with commitments.

i think i'll get around to posting some pics of my art room/studio cause i also just got an ugly cheesy globe lamp for in there! and seeing chrissy's 'what's in my bag' post has reminded me that i was going to do one of these a while ago and just forgot about it. so there you have it, i may actually be doing some posting this week!

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