Wednesday, March 30, 2011

tacky souviner swap MAIL!

i just wanted to share a little picture i took yesterday of my now favorite antique/junk store. this is just half of my favorite room in the place. there are lots of rooms!

also.. yesterday my tacky souvenir came in the mail!! i did the tacky souvenir swap and got maryam from

love my stuff! (it's from texas if you couldn't tell) i'm not sure how well you can see the paperweight in the picture(it is a paperweight right?).. i don't curse so i've been telling people at work that i got some texas bull-crap in the mail. which i'm sure makes no sense to anyone until i explain the whole swap ;) and i actually love the bookmark and don't think it's tacky at all.. and think it will be an excellent replacement for the Swiss Chalet 2-for-1 dinner expired coupon that is now acting as my current bookmark. i feel like my mom always wanted an armadillo. maybe i made that up though. i used to have a hedgehog! but that's not the same thing :/
we have a big collection of postcards so i'm excited for that too, i'll add it to the pile until we know what to do with them all.
hope everyone has gotten something fun in the mail lately or is awaiting something fun! mail really is the best :) thanks maryam!


Gwiddle said...

This looks like such a fun idea! haha. I hope your having a good week pretty lady<3

beckz said...

aw thanks! hope your week is going well too :)