Wednesday, March 9, 2011

art room/studio pictures

here is my art room! i had just tidied it up here so please know that it is normally not this clean looking. and if you don't think this is actually clean looking then you are probably a virgo, like my fiance (jk! i think i'm awfully lucky to have this little room in our house and he doesn't mind how the space looks.. and if it's a disaster in there i can just shut the door!) on that note i will post a photo of it when i get home today of what it looks when it's in use!

drafting table/desk, super mario garbage can, paper mache skulls, etc

opposite side of the room.
some old camera's behind the door, canvases, and an awesome bird poster, small peek at my easel and table of paints (and more paper mache skulls)

messy bookcase, notice the zombie cross stitch kit i have yet to start

puss likes the sun in here :)

collection of shells and beach rocks, acorns, jade, and a sand dollar from different beaches i've lived by (and a little cat paw peeking in of course)

... and here's what the room looks like right now

and a peak at the new painting i'm starting. i also wanted to include my globe lamp. i found it for 3.99 and i was excited when i thought it was just a globe at first. then i saw the cord! cheesy globe lamp? don't mind if i do.

and tomorrow i'll post the meaning behind the blog name change! i was looking for a new name and i came up with this last night and automatically knew it was going to be it!

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