Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy st paddy's day!

happy shaint samus day!
(this was me last year)

last year we weren't planning on doing anything for st patrick's day but my fiance was having some drinks with his brother before his brother had to go downtown to meet his wife and their friends for celebrations. i came home from work, got in on the whiskey drinking with them and after listening to a bunch of Pogues somehow we all made our way downtown to my old stomping grounds. i guess we just got in the spirit! one of the best irish pubs in halfiax (and trust me we have quite a few!) was the bar for the art school i used to go to. (i even used my 7 year old expired student id and still got in for free! ha!) we're not really big on going out anymore but it was super fun! and we were still home at like 11:30 haha. but anyway, we all have irish in us, but are probably more scottish then anything. we kept yelling HAPPY SAINT SHAMUS day.. which drunkenly turned into Happy Shaint Samus day!

hope you are all enjoying yours if you celebrate it at all :)
i'm going to stereotypically throw on the pogues and have a beer while i clean then work on some drawings while i watch weekend at bernies ;)

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