Monday, March 28, 2011

pei pictures + pyrex

yay for alliteration!
here is a picture post from the weekend:)

here is a bad example of the red soil on P.E.I.

two of my friends in one of the junk stores

awesome cupboards

this place was cool

pretty dishes

the confederation bridge... it is 12.9 km's or 8 miles long

sky on the drive home

i ended up getting an awesome pyrex dish that i won't share in case my sister see's this - it's part of her birthday present!. but i did pick this 'Glasbake' bowl up for her today, along with these pyrex burnt orange mugs for about $7 altogether from 2 different stores.

I got two bowls for myself on PEI from a flea market/junk shop. i don't know the brand of this little one but i loved the color and the little images on it.

the other bowl i got myself there, is that turquoise pyrex bowl off to the side in this picture ... but i also got these awesome turquoise pyrex dishes today! they just match the bowl so well! (i love turquoise)

oh and just so my fiance doesn't feel left out i got him this haha

it's still cold out... doesn't it know it's spring out yet??

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