Thursday, February 3, 2011

yay for mail! the kind that's not bills!

my other winning from Pamplemousse's giveaway came in the mail today! thanks so much to Chrissy from Chrissy In America for my awesome iphone cozy! oddly enough i won the giveaway the same night i broke down and bought an iphone joining the the rest of the world here in the future. go figure! you can check out her etsy shop here where she sells these little soft felt cozies, and other handmade goodies. she even made me an owl one :)

man, little things like this totally make my day. i love fun stuff in the mail! everything i've been waiting for in the mail has now come though, except for our hacksaw jim duggan wrestler from ebay. he's second choice to macho man who got lost somewhere in the mail so we got him with the returned $. we need a forth to have tag teams! poor jake the snake has been all alone against roddy piper and the ultimate warrior!

i found the old WWF ring in the garbage near work one day last spring.. in the garbage! it wasn't until just after christmas did we finally get some wrestlers for it. and needless to say they made quite the first impression. they attacked our gingerbread house!

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Chrissy said...

Thanks so much for the sweet shout-out! So glad you finally got it and that you like it!
What a coincidence that you just got an iPhone - hope it feels cozy in there!
Hugs and good night xxx