Saturday, February 19, 2011

odd story after the owl tattoo!

hi there all. this is my friday night. and i think i want to spend it painting. or maybe just watching a movie because that involves less work, and right now, i'm kind of tired/lazy.
i took a quick stop by For The Love Of Blogs and added my blog to the list... if you're looking for some to check out there are plenty! (i'm #100!)

So a crazy thing happened just yesterday right in front of our tattoo shop. An SUV was hit pretty hard by a city bus, spinning it 360 degrees. I immediately ran over as our shop girl called 911. I was asking the driver of the SUV if she was alright, etc (she was thankfully alright!) to which she quietly replied 'hey.... I know you?' It was the very lady who I had just done that owl tattoo on! (previous post) I couldn't believe it!

after the fire truck arrived and all the police, her daughter showed up and they went off in the ambulance and i was asked to take pictures of the truck. i received an email from the daughter and she told me that her mother (and my artwork) were just fine, except for 5 stitches on the back of the neck and expecting to be pretty achy for the next while. thank god she was alright, i was so worried, i felt really connected to the whole thing in a weird way and wanted to do something!

so now if that wasn't odd enough... a client I worked on just today asked if we'd seen the accident yesterday, to which I explained the story above. she then told us that she was a passenger on the bus when it had hit the suv! Anyway.. everyone is fine but it is sure feeling like a small world right now.

hope you all enjoy a nice safe weekend :) i think i may go paint afterall

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Anonymous said...

This is crazy!! I was wondering what was going on up the road when the busses were driving down cork st. Gald everyone is ok.
Crazy Bird Lady