Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow days!

so tuesday i stayed home because i was bummed about my budgie passing away. yesterday we were only at the shop for half the day because the giant snowstorm was coming. we got quite a bit of snow, but nothing major. although around here for some reason people still aren't used to getting any real amount of snow. 20cms of snow?! people act like it doesn't happen all the time. anyway... it's really nice outside today but because this city is kinda nuts a lot of places are closed for the day (post storm!). if it's a snow day at school then i guess a lot of parents probably have to take snow days off too. i'm not in school, and i'm not a parent, but i'm still taking a snow day!!
yay to being able to work from home! i had no tattoo appts today at the shop anyway, and i prepared by taking my drawings home with me yesterday after lunch. so today i am working on a drawing for tomorrow and getting my saturday appt drawings ready to go. the black & grey tattoo books i just won/received in the mail are going to come in handy today for inspiration and reference! i am going to be working on a black & grey 1/2 sleeve of a chickadee, a soft mountain in the background and a main component of apple blossoms. looking forward to it! {i've also been searching blogs for wedding inspiration... it's really addictive, and kind of frightening how much i'm getting into all the stupid little fun details even though we don't even have a date or venue nailed down ha! who knew i could be so girly?}

hope everyone is staying cozy in all the snow

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