Wednesday, February 9, 2011

thrift store finds!

i'm having a busy week! which is good. but busy. (except for monday!)
. i realized i like seeing what other people pick up at thrift stores and flea markets so i'm going to share a few pictures of what i picked up on monday. i had the whole day all to myself and it was gorgeous out. i wandered around to a couple of places then lazed around. ahh it was nice. no i did not pick up that cat. she lives here. that knitted throw, however, i did buy.

here it is in all it's comfy glory

awesome peacock plate!

the cat being a cat and playing with some scarves i want to use for this bunting

some pillowcases i am cutting up to embroider on, and a neato green table runner. i think it's a table runner?

just a quick post.. i'll be back tomorrow because i have some drawing to do!


Chrissy said...

Those are some fab finds! And your kitty seems to be pretty impressed as well!
Have a good night!
Hugs xxx

Diana Smith said...

Your peacock plate is awesome! Great finds!

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