Wednesday, February 16, 2011

valentines day

hey did i mention that all that stuff i bought in my last post all came to about $14??

so we didn't do anything crazy valentine's day... just hung out, watched a movie and were really nice to each other! exchanged some sweets and i baked some chocolate chip cookies and monkey balls (my fiance's choice -also, still weird to say fiance, i always want to type finance). monkey balls (pictured above) are a peanut buttery ball with coconut... we got his grandmothers recipe and i was kind of afraid they wouldn't be as good, cause, well, she's his grandmother! anyway, they turned out pretty good.. and i made enough chocolate chip cookies to last until next valentines day so that's good.

we're not super mushy, but we just set v-day aside for quality hanging out time and i implemented a no screen in your face evening. ie, no iphones or laptops! we were also lazy and didn't want to bother making a big meal so we relied on our good ol' fallback food - kraft dinner! (also what we ate after he proposed ha!). although it was pretty cute to see he made my KD into a heart. then we watched Get Him To The Greek. pretty good valentines day if you ask me!

(this is what valentines day looks like when you are both pretty much 10 years old)

sooo many cookies! i keep taking some to work, to put a dent in this giant cookie pile.. i'm eating one right now mmm

"fiance" texted to let me know my wedding dress came in the mail today (thank you ebay!) i'm excited although i'm completely prepared for it to not fit. so i'll see if it's close enough to mess around with or just move on to something else. i just loved it so much i didn't want to be wondering. let me know if you are looking for an awesome unique wedding dress i may be relisting it on ebay haha! it's not like i don't have tons of time to find another dress. i'm so excited i want to leave work and go home to try it on! look at me, i'm a girl! my best friend will be in town this weekend to pick up her wedding dress.. we are both standing in each others weddings.. so i'm sure this will be a girly overload weekend, but i'm kind of looking forward to it!
{speaking of weddings, you can't really be anywhere on the internet right now and type 'wedding' without BHLDN being shoved down your throat! the stuff is nice, but maybe i'm just a cheapo.. i'm sorry but i'd rather use the $$$ i'd spend on that stuff to go towards our house downpayment or a honeymoon! or you know, groceries} i just found that funny because i just posted about eating KRAFT DINNER. living the high life over here haha!

i guess i'll get back to working on some drawings now, excuse the rant!

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