Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wirlwind of a weekend!

wow-ee. how was everybody's weekend? mine was pretty crazy!
sunday i got engaged! i've always been the 'marriage is just a piece of paper' kind of girl, and believe the goal of being together is to just be happy together. and the goal shouldn't be to 'be married'. but hey, why can't we be happy together, and get to have a fun party with our friends and family?? fiance is a little more official sounding then saying boyfriend and i kind of like that! it's so weird. like what's up with girls? how come i am turning into a girl all of a sudden? it's like that ring (that beautiful, beautiful ring) has given me wedding powers. i'm a superhero, except with weird wedding hormones all of a sudden. i guess it's kind of cute, and i'm really excited about the whole thing. after my boyfr.... fiance, proposed on sunday and the initial ridiculousness wore off, i was like 'what do we do now?' i guess we finish our hike and drive home! oh, and then spend all day and the whole next day on the phone and emailing people. it's exhausting. and so much for keeping this blog not-so-personal! wooops!

i like to picture light rays shooting out of the ring box here! very legend of zelda

lots more grown up-y things happened this weekend like having awesome beer/cheddar/bacon fondue at my sisters sat night, mmmm

and like getting engaged and dropping my ring off to be sized down a tiny bit. and i even got in a quick visit with my friend and her 2 week old baby!

my sister and i went to some thrift stores and i got this awesome painting at the salvation army. i like how it's fall and wintertime

also my tattoo books came in the mail yesterday... they weigh 22 lbs! (over twice the weight of that baby up there!) they are amazing and i want to thank everyone for voting for me in the Tattooed People and Their Pets contest.

It is very sad, however, to note that Barley my budgie who was in the winning picture along with Puss our cat, passed away yesterday. he had cancer and it got really bad so we did the unselfish thing and had him put down. Selfless, yes. Very hard to do? Yes! i was really sad.. and was even more sad this morning when i went to go wake him up for the day (by taking the sarong off his cage). I know he's better off now... but boy was he a little trooper! here he is :)

and again... on my head

i promise i'll get back to the craftiness. i started a painting last week that i'm very excited about so i'll get to that soon, and hopefully be posting some photos of my art room/studio!

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