Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sketchbook tour!

i received an email last week telling me the art house co-op got my sketchbook! the sketchbook tour has started and is now on view at the Brooklyn Art Library. there are plenty of stops all through the US... i didn't get around to doing as much as i would have liked in my sketchbook but i'm still very proud to be a part of this project!

i thought i had more to say, but i'm sitting here yawning my face off! i've been really busy working lately. and when i get home i feel like it's too cold to do anything! i got in the tub to warm up, but now i'm just going to go to bed with wet hair. should be interesting in the morning.

things to do as soon as it's not so freezing: 1)paint, 2)start a zombie cross-stitch (anyone who knows i embroider always think it's cross-stitching... i have never cross-stitched anything in my life!) from a kit i got with 12 different patterns (but i'm scared of zombies, so we'll see how this goes), and 3)i'd love to try this starched fabic wall stuff! seriously.. check out this link, it looks super easy. i did see it done somewhere else on another blog, but sometimes i get to reading and clicking links i don't know where i am or how i ended up where i did. i was smart enough to at least bookmark this one!

i think i may try a small headboard for the bed in our spare room, if i get a chance on monday (my day off) i'm going to find a cool old second hand sheet to use just for this :)

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