Monday, February 7, 2011

now's the time to save

so since we now have a wedding to start saving for, and have been saving for a house (among other things) i decided it was time to make the d.i.y. budget planner i saw over at ballpoint + pen! you can follow her tutorial if you click on the link. it's pretty straight forward but mine just looks kind of ghetto and you can get a better idea on her blog. i had some green fabric from a shirt i've been using for embroidering projects, that i glued to a piece of cardboard from a cheerios box. and i had this awesome owl paper kicking around.
throw in some scissors, a gluegun, and some envelopes

and voila!

yes, that says V Dubbs... one of the things we (constantly) have to save for is our old 1974 VW bus :)

i will also just include a couple more fondue photos because hey, it was chocolate fondue this time!

i bought some awesome things at some thrift stores today! had the whole day to myself and it was +2 and sunny! got some nice old pillowcases to cut up and embroider on, and a lovely peacock plate! i'll take some pictures after everything's clean and post em later. i also bought some new pliers that i've been meaning to get for over a week! (not as exciting)
don't hate me for it, but i love monday's :D

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Chrissy said...

Mmh...that chocolate fondue looks so delicious!
I passed on 2 blogger awards to you over at my blog!
Go check'em out, cuz you're awesome!
Hugs xxx