Monday, April 11, 2011

spring blooms and you find the love that's true...

on behalf of springs arrival!
i just finished this tattoo up on saturday. since the client could only sit for an hour or so at a time it's taken a few sessions... but it's done for now. until she's ready for some shadow in behind!

it was gorgeous out yesterday, and my sister and i went to a bridal show. it wasn't what we were expecting. i remember going to one with her years ago, and it was done so well... lots of freebies, and lots of snacking food and tea/coffee. these are the reasons we go to these kinds of things! oh, and door prizes of course.
yesterday i won a doorprize alright! it was a gift certificate scribbled in pen on a piece of paper for a place i've never heard of. even the guy videoing the show leaned in and told me there has been nothing but really negative reviews online about the place i won the prize from! haha. we also think the grand door prize for a honeymoon isn't even real! and we even heard the people sitting behind us whisper "this is the most ghetto bridal show ever".
oh well. maybe we will hit up the big fancy one in january. before the bridal show we went to a flea market and i heard the worst 'compliment' of my life. creepo! i even had to awkwardly say 'alright.. that's enough'

anyway we tried to classy up the day by topping it off by going to Moxie's for dinner.. which seemed to help. except i forgot to take my "bride" nametag off i looked crazy! brides are crazy people! not all of you ;) but what we are planning is so low key and laid back and DIY it's just funny to see how crazy other people are about all that stuff. o well, to each their own!

i'm off to get some things done with the last bit of my 'weekend'... and i will also be doggysitting as of this evening!! so excited to have a (pseudo)dog again.. even if it is just for a week :)

happy monday


Gwiddle said...

That tattoo is GORGEOUS!!!! You have some serious talent Beckz! OMG I love Moxies, I haven't been there in so long. I am going to have to go there in August. Which is when my family reunion is:) haha. I won "the grand prize" at the bridal show in my home town just before my wedding. It was kind of a joke. It was supposed to be a honey moon... But all I got were a cheep ass strand of pearls, a male wedding band {could only choose a tungsten one} and a "500 dollar gift certificate to a jeweler" which was also a JOKE! haha.

Ester DurĂ£es said...

wow that's amazing!!! great job :))