Saturday, April 9, 2011

ABC 's

i saw this on Chrissy's blog and liked it... plus i haven't been blogging all week so i figured this was something easy i could do!

age: 29 ( i seriously just had to really think if i was 28 or 29. yikes)

Bedsize: Queen but with king size duvet!

chore you hate: lately all of it.. but i normally don't mind any of it

dogs: none at the moment.. although i'll be doggysitting for my future brother-in-law and his wife! so excited... not sure the cat will be as excited

essential start of the day: bacon! ...well not everyday or my heart would probably explode. but definitely TEA

favorite color: turquoise, black

gold 0r silver: silver

height: i always say 5'6" ? maybe 5'5.5" though

instruments I play )or have played): i play piano and guitar. not well.. but i like to pretend i know what i'm doing

job title: tattoo artist / painter/ artist?

kids: want them!

live: maritimer, east coast of canada

Mom's name: Teresa

nickname: beckz

overnight hospital stays: i had a handful of surgeries when i was younger.. but i don't remember if i was in overnight?

pet peeve: getting big breathes of other peoples smells when they walk by haha. also, slow-walkers or slow drivers

quote from a movie: "shitter was full!" haha christmas vacation, so many great lines

right or left handed: left

siblings: 1 sister +brother-in-law

time you wake up: 8:24 am

underwear: i do

vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts probably

what makes you run late: watching netflix at breakfast hah

x-rays you've had done: teeth, wrist, elbow, head? like a ct scan

yummy food you make: pie, anything breakfast, homemade fries

zoo animal: zebra!


Chrissy said...

Love it!! Have a fab weekend hun! Hugs xxx

Gwiddle said...

Woohoo! I love all of these surveys around:) I freaking hate slow drivers and walkers too! Just thinking that today while I was out actually lol. I hope you have a good weekend:)