Monday, April 4, 2011

Say Cheese!

breakfast! i made cream cheese w/ choc. chips stuffed french toast with strawberries and bacon mmmmm so good i just might make it again today :)

my future mother-in-law gave me tickets to the big home show this weekend so my sister and i went. it was ok, but i don't own my own asphalt driveway and i can't afford any of the giant spaceship-like hot tubs. But then... we heard it. an announcement about a free cheese seminar! starting in 10 mins... the last one of the weekend. hahahaha... we found it immediately and took our seats

we were very excited and it was pretty awesome. you could even tell all the people walking by in the home show were jealous :P we taste tested 6 different kinds of cheese with bagettes, and they explained how to really get the full tastes out of them, and also how to pair them. you can freeze cheese! and it won't affect it at all. and we learned lots of other stuff.. and got cheese notepads, and a pizza cutter and cheese picks if you are serving your own selection. and my sister won us little ovenmitts!
some of the cheese haul:

yes we are giant nerds. one time while driving back from montreal last summer, my sister was asleep in the passenger seat and i knew of a small potato chip factory tour coming up at one of the exits. i pulled in and when she woke up.. it was like christmas morning! her husband just went back to sleep in the backseat... but my sister and i went in to do the chip tour! it was only $6 and you got to watch them make their kettle chips, and you got a bag right from the factory workers out of the batch they were making. we watched little videos about potatoes hahaha and then the best part we got to take our kettle chips and go try out all kinds of seasonings. i made my own mix of 'mac & cheese' with 'hickory bacon'. it was so delicious.

and my sister shown here amidst a bunch of 8 year olds hahah

in spring of '09 we also went and did a tour of a maple syrup sugar shack with an all you can eat pancake brunch!
here i was showing off all the maple products. mmm maple

Anyway... we LOVE FOOD! is basically the point of all of that. ha. back to the rest of my day yesterday:

hard to believe i'll be jumping back in in less then 3 months! brrr

nice waves though.. there were quite a few people out

people surf all winter in nova scotia. (you probably can't see them at the point in the distance). i have never been winter surfing because i turn purple even if it's too cold in the middle of summer and sometimes i can't get warmed up after the ocean then! i can't imagine coming out of the water in our winter weather.

i've been spoiled with surfing in california and tofino and yes, i know how snobby that sounds! ... the only time i tried surfing here in NS it was really hard! the conditions were not as friendly haha. also, i should probably stop taking pictures while driving

bridge back to the halifax side after a nice drive

funny faces! my sister showed me this app and saturday night a few of us spent way too much time taking ridiculous pictures and laughing until we cried. and hey, it goes with the 'say cheese' theme :)

get this app if you have an iphone.. it's free!

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