Friday, April 1, 2011

more mail!

lookie what came in the mail today!

i won a giveaway on Chrissy's blog and my lovely winnings from Danielle at showed up today :)

i absolutely love this granny square bunting:D the colors are so great and it's sooo soft. i immediately hung it up in my art room.

i opened it as soon as i got in the door and didn't even take my jacket off... but turns out the headband she made matches my jacket zipper exactly. i am trying to point that out in the following photo ..

and awkwardly trying to show off the neat rose design..

Thanks Danielle and Chrissy :)

So much for springlike weather yesterday... today we have a nice mix of freezing rain/ice pellets and crazy winds. and hearing it hitting the windows makes it really chilly in here!

also this was written on Cool Hunting about the sketchbook project that i'm taking part in. The tour has moved from Austin Texas all the way over to Portland, ME this week. if you're in the area check it out at Space Gallery


Gwiddle said...

You were so lucky to win that giveaway! I love the bunting! & that headband looks awesome on you! I am loving your bangs right now. I think maybe I will cut mine similar:) Have a good weekend!

posidanielle said...

I am so glad that you like it!! I was so nervous, as always! The headband looks perfect on you! Its adorable!! Take care beautiful! :D