Monday, January 17, 2011


it's hard starting a new blog.. especially considering my old one goes back to who knows when. i started my original one on some site i can't even remember but when they shut it down (or started asking for money to blog there) i got myself a blogger blog (you're still cute when you scream, which i started back in March of '07 when I first got to California, that blog was a sequel to 'you are cute when you scream'). even that second one was hard to start and it was hard to accept my old one was gone. now i have this crafty one and i find it hard to want to work on it. but i'm sure i'll be glad that i did. i have a bad memory and love knowing that my travels and crazy randomness and artsy jobs have been logged in my other blog, it is almost a relief. so i will try to be better at this one!

i mailed off my sketchbook for the Art Co-Ops Sketchbook Project... and now we wait. (well, we wait... they sort throught 28,000 sketchbooks then drag them across the country for numerous art shows!) it wasn't quite finished.. ok, not at all.. but i blame making a bunch of stuff for the holidays. busy time to try to work on a sketchbook.

I've also started following a lot of other crafty blogs (i even just won a blog give-away!)and am getting lots of inspiration so i figured i'd like to join in and (hopefully) try to offer up some inspiration of my own. i have plans to start an etsy store (it's on my resolutions list!) and would like to start becoming more 'social' in the crafty interwebs. I have a lot of idea's for myself as far as tattooing goes, and painting, and all my little craft projects and it's great to see what lots of other people are out there doing!

here are two commissioned doggie paintings i had done before christmas that the buyers used as christmas gifts. i'm working on another one right now actually, and if you want to see more, you can try my website


Chrissy said...

Wow, I love your paintings! Awesome!

I will be working on your win today and ship it to you tomorrow!


Have a great day girl!

Chrissy xxx

beckz said...

thanks! and also thanks again for the cozy :) i'm very excited