Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a rainbow of organization

i read back on feeling stitchy a couple of days ago about their flickr group showcasing pictures of embroidery thread. i don't feel like joining another site to put my pictures up there, but it got me thinking about taking a couple photos of my newly organized floss anyway!

my boyfriends mother gave me lots of crafty embroidery stuff for christmas, and his grandmother gave me some of her old floss that she just had kickin around. some of their little paper things say .33 cents at Woolworths (which hasn't been around here for a looongg time), and a better buy from somewhere else at only .29 cents. such nice colors too! i was inspired by the ease of using all my stuff that i even stitched up a little present for my friends very newborn baby! like as in born 3 days ago. (i'll post a pic after i give it to her)

this is looking inside my bottom drawer which is just for embroidery. you can see some stuff/pencil crayons one drawer up, and above that one is some paint. maybe i'll take some pictures of the rest of my art room/studio space and share em. i just re-arranged it because i finally bought a bookshelf to squeeze into the room. now i want more books!

and now just for fun (because i haven't been doing a whole lot at work lately, or anything done in one sitting, or worth posting) is a rose i did yesterday. it's simple but it covered up an old tattoo this client had that she hated. (old bf tattoo!)

i am having a weird time sleeping lately. let's see what tonight will bring. g'nite!

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