Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cold enough for ya?

do you want to see what -18 C looks like? (that's like 0, or -1 F for all you Americans) ... these pictures look so cold you can almost feel it

thankfully i didn't have to work yesterday... it was freezing out there!! although i still worked... i just did it from the comfort of my own home :) and since my bf got home early we went for a long drive. there was blowing snow and a weird foggy haze that made everything look kind of ghostly. the days started off at -18, then the car told us it was -14 while we were out and i checked the weather and it said it was about -24 with the windchill! yuck! we're not really used to getting that here in halifax. it's usually just kinda cold and damp. living on the ocean will do that. i walked to the tattoo shop this morning and my 15 min walk felt like it took forever as the condensation building on the scarf wrapped around my mouth/nose froze. *shutter*. i don't have any appts booked for the day, and i doubt in weather like this i'll have any walk-ins.

see this self-employed stuff has it's ups and downs. like i mentioned i worked from home yesterday. finished a commissioned painting for someone! i do have full days off, but even on those days i'm still thinking about work or upcoming appts, or drawing for them, or painting, or editing photos on my computer, etc. and it's nice to almost feel like i can come and go as i need to, like when the tattoo shop is slow (like right before and after christmas ie, now.) but the bottom line is if i'm not 'working', i don't get paid! i've never had the luxury of a paid vacation. a vacation is something i really have to work hard for leading up to, and afterward to make up for my time off. so right now it's freezing, i'm at the shop working on a couple things, but the truth is i could be doing these things at home (in my warm pjs!), and working on other art stuff. but i need to be here in case some appointments walk in or call. sometimes i bring my embroidering stuff here with me, or i'll get work done on my website. but i think i just don't want to be doing anything in this kind of weather! tea and blankets and netflix would be alright with me!

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