Friday, January 28, 2011

good things come in three's...

so this is more like it halifax! this is normally our winter weather here... not that -18 i showed you in the last post. this was my walk to work yesterday morning. frozen slushy snow/rain and big ol' puddles. all my shoes/boots suck, so the only waterproof things for my feet are my rubber boots, but it was also cold so i had to put on like 3 pairs of socks. way to go maritimes! (notice the coat hanger in the giant slush puddle blocking my way onto the sidewalk) alright!

so anyway, i've had a lucky past couple of weeks. i won the Tattooed People and Their Pets contest on tattooroadtrip, and am anxiously awaiting my 3 volume Black & Grey Tattoo books. and i also won a blog giveaway on pamplemousse1983! the giveaway included two things, and i got the first in the mail today! (i love getting stuff in the mail:) it's this necklace

from this girl. sorry, her blog and etsy shop used to be named moon asking to stay, but i guess she just had to change everything. either way, i love my new necklace!
i'm also anxiously awaiting a little something for my new iphone! i will post about it when it comes in the mail!

so needless to say i went out and bought a couple of lottery tickets :) i already lost on one, but the other one is tonight. so i'll probably be a millionaire tomorrow. nice!

oh for breakfast today i made myself some peanut butter pancakes, with chocolate chips and little bits of granola in them mmmm. then i cut up some banana to go on top. they were delicious and the softest pancakes i've had in a long time. i think it's been all this man vs. food we've been watching lately!! it's getting to me

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