Saturday, December 11, 2010

counting down til christmas with some crafty links

this time last year we were all getting excited to head to new york right after christmas. it was a whirlwind leading up to it and christmas was fun but i think i was more excited for new york (we kept singing "in a new york minute".. but replace minute with jacket because we thought we had perfect new york wintertime jackets like in the movies. we didn't bother getting a tree or even decorating last year as my boyfriend had just gotten back in town after a year away and we spent christmas with our own separate familes then took off for the long drive to NY. while i don't have NY to look forward to this year, i do have a nice cozy settled christmas to look forward to which is pretty exciting actually. my past three christmas holidays have been so-so and maybe it's my own fault for having high expectations. and i must admit i did make the most of them. but either way, our place is decorated and cozy & i have no expectations or real plans this year. we're even going for a little rip to montreal over the holidays and maybe something special planned for new years if we have any money left after all this holiday craziness.

our christmas tree :)

i have been getting crafty with my presents, embroidering and needlefelting some things for loved ones but i can't share them here until after christmas (so as not to ruin any surprises!) Last weekend before drinking some disgusting rum and eggnog while watching Christmas Daddies and decorating our tree, I went to the halifax crafters Winter Carnival Handmade Market. It was very impressive & inspiring, and i saw some really cool stuff i liked. I bought an awesome card from this guy and i got a cool glass for a friend from Kyla Francis.

the yeti vs robot snowball fight card i bought to frame

I got a nice cozy sketch done in my sketchbook that i want to move into. :)

I figured i'd share some of the little craft blogs that i like to browse through on a regular basis when i have the time or need some inspiration (or just feel like being nosey).
Feeling Stitchy was the first real crafty site i stumbled upon and has lead me to lots of cool blogs and patterns and just nerdy cool stuff.
one blog linked from there that i really like is wild olive and not just because of the name, she has awesome patterns and sometimes equally awesome pictures of food with recipes. and from there i make my way over to campfire chic and then I usually check out little dear tracks because she makes very cool stuff there, sometimes woodsy sort of things that i love. These blogs usually have free patterns and even giveaways and blog parties. i should also mention my friend johanna's blog Birds on a Wire. the way she writes, and her subject matter makes you feel cozy and appreciative, and it doesn't hurt your welcomed by a giant picture of pie when you get there! they all just seem familiar like a welcoming cyber community that want to have you join in and have fun. it brings out my inner nerdiness :)

christmas tree lighting with fireworks, downtown halifax

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