Thursday, November 18, 2010

the eagle has landed

yay! my sketchbook arrived yesterday :) ...also, my lambswool cowichan birthday-present-to-myself sweater from aritzia arrived on the same day which is a little fitting as i keep thinking of my sketchbook as a warm cozy little hideaway with blankets and tea. (on a side note here: i am not girly, nor do i really care about clothes too much, but i'd be happy to never take this sweater off again. i love it and it has a horse pattern in it which reminds me of my papa and his old wool sweaters :) Anyway, i forgot to take the sketchbook to work today, and it's slow here, so i'll just blog about it instead of doing anything in it. one thing i read about these moleskin sketchbooks is that people were complaining the pages were very thin. the paper feels awesome, but yes, they're thin! maybe too thin for what i have in mind so i might double up on my pages, which would essentially cut my book by half. but that's ok.

i have so many projects i feel like i'm in the middle of right now, and ones that i have to start for the holidays coming up so this might just be the escape/distraction that i need. that's what i do, you see instead of tackling one little thing on a giant list i just do something else until i can take a big chunk off the list all at once. i get more pleasure that way instead of only seeing small progress. either way, it'll all get done! commissioned paintings for the holidays, needlefelting/paper mache project, and embroidered holiday presents to finish.

speaking of holidays our 'holiday parade of lights' is this saturday evening! and yes, i'm already excited to wear my new sweater there. nerd!

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